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Speech Therapy and Publishing


Laura Griesbach is a highly sought out speaker to inform and inspire your team! Her passion and goal-filled message is from years of sharing the frustration of those unable to fully express themselves.


Whether it is with your school, therapy team, or for personal growth we can help you accomplish your goals.

Speech Therapy

We help you find solutions to build a team to keep you in the driver’s seat.

What is Lv2Pla?

Lv2Pla is a speech therapy and publishing company. It opens the doors to provide speaking, coaching, and training services. It helps patients and families with intensive speech therapy service.  We can help you get an assistive technology device, so that communication can become a reality for those without a means to communicate. We publish resources to help caregivers and professionals meet the needs of those with complex communication challenges. 

Our Little Paul Book Series are written to a general audience to help with common speech errors, and each book has the vocabulary that serves as the building blocks to effective speech and writing regardless of where your child is in their speech development of lack of one.  





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